MIU4 Entrepreneurship Academy Hosts BCMC March Meeting at BC3

March 24, 2019

March BCMC meeting was hosted at BC3 my by Christen Dunn Director of MIU4’s Entrepreneurship Academy.  At the meeting Dr. John Golden of SRU’s SEA accelerator  described SEA’s business accelerator activites as well as their new work in emerging tech.  We encourage our members to reach out to John to make a connection and explore collaborations and bringing projects to his students.  You can reach him at:  and learn more about the SEA at

Christen Dunn is looking for feedback on the possible re-branding of MIU4’s Entrepreneurship Academy combined with the career readiness activities they do.  This link is an overview: This isn’t official and they are looking for feedback.  Feel free to send feedback to


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