The Tri-County Manufacturing Consortium brings together manufacturers and resource partners in Butler, Armstrong, and Indiana Counties to provide a forum where manufacturers can share information and resources, to participate in the development of a skilled workforce, to advance manufacturing in Pennsylvania and the Tri-County area, and to assist members in remaining competitive in the marketplace.


The mission of the Tri-County Manufacturing Consortium is to identify and address the needs of the participating manufacturers. We will accomplish this by partnering with county and state organizations and educational providers.

Each of the three consortia has a charter agreement that is agreed upon and signed by all members. Each county consortia is led by a Chairperson who is nominated and elected by a majority vote of the membership. All voting members must be from the manufacturing sector.

The goals of the consortium are to provide a forum where manufacturers can:

  • share information and resources,
  • identify key short and long-term actions to advance manufacturing in PA,
  • cooperate to utilize government programs to assist manufacturers,
  • partner with local schools and community agencies to develop a skilled workforce,
  • identify needs and apply for appropriate grants to advance manufacturing in the Tri-County area, and
  • assist members in remaining competitive in the marketplace.

“Over the years of our partnership, Nature’s Blend Wood Products, Inc. has gone through many changes that have enabled it to survive severe downturns in the economy, and in the housing market in particular.

Nature’s Blend ability to survive (and now prosper) is a direct result of committed employees, supportive owners, and benefits from our membership in the Tri-County Manufacturing Consortium.”

– Joseph P. Goldcamp, General Manager


The Armstrong County Manufacturing Consortium (ACMC) is an organization within the Tri-County Manufacturing Consortium (TCMC) which is made up of manufacturing companies having a shared sense of urgency concerning the regions ability to provide a technically trained workforce in the numbers needed by the manufacturing sector. The objective of the ACMC is to identify and address these needs. Collaboration and Partnership is key to being successful as a part of a global economy.

Collaboration and partnerships are the most effective way to share resources, training, and awareness within our region. Some areas within this are; Manufacturing image overhaul, incumbent working training, and education awareness starting with the K-12 students. These students are our future workforce and their education needs to be technology driven. Filling skill gaps, showing the use of technology in manufacturing and preparing for our future is key to being an asset within our county, region, state and yes globally.

Looking toward the future, the Consortium continues its commitment to the applications of Lean Thinking. ACMC jointly sponsors events focusing on excellence and learning opportunities. The group strives for success within this area by building alignment with key organizations, institutions, suppliers, associations, networks, and providers. We want to invest in the future of economic development of our region.


The Butler County Manufacturing Consortium’s mission is to identify and meet the developing needs and to enhance the growth of all Butler County manufactures. We use the tagline of “Strength in Working Together” to emphasize the importance of cooperation and partnering with our resource partners in education and community development.

Our current objectives include: Improving the image and promotion of manufacturing, connecting with students, parents and teachers, incumbent workforce development and helping the public understand that we manufacture what the world uses.

Did you know?

  • Manufacturing is the 2nd largest employer sector in Southwestern, PA.
  • Butler County is home to more manufacturing companies than any other county in Pennsylvania.
  • Advanced manufacturing uses the latest in cutting-edge technology including:
    • Nanofabrication, Electro-Optics, Robotics, Computer Numerical Control, and much more…
  • Average Salary in Butler County manufacturing industries is $46,000.00.

With nearly 300 manufacturing companies in Butler County…

There are many different types of careers and pathways of entering a career in manufacturing. Some of which are…

  • While in High School begin your path through the Butler County Vo-Tech, which offers training in manufacturing-related areas such as Computer Aided Drafting, Machine Technology & Computer Networking and Telecommunications.
  • Many companies offer apprentice programs, on-the-job training, and industry association credential.
  • Butler County Community College offers Certificate and/or Associate programs whether you are looking for a career change or just beginning to enter the workforce. Degrees in demand are:
    • CAM/CNC Technology, Computer Aided Drafting, CNC Machine Technology, Instrumentation and Maintenance Technology, Machine Drafting & Design, Metrology, Process Control and Quality Management Technologies.

Pennsylvania has been experiencing a shortage of advanced manufacturing workers that presents a threat to Pennsylvania’s manufacturing base. Some reasons for the shortage are rapid technological changes from traditional to advanced manufacturing along with many of the highly skilled manufacturing workers will be retiring in the next 5 to 10 years.


Indiana County Manufacturing Consortium is a non-profit organization that exists to assist in helping each of its members to individually, and collectively, to become successful competitors in the domestic and global marketplace.

ICMC’s diverse membership consists of a cross-section of manufacturing related companies who produce quality products and services distributed regionally, nationally and internationally.

The mission of the Indiana County Manufacturing Consortium is to identify and address the needs of the participating Indiana County Manufacturers. We will accomplish this through networking, sharing ideas and by partnering with county and state government organizations and educational providers.


Did you know?

  • Indiana County is home to the company that built the electric motor for the Ford Fusion 999 that set a land-speed record for a hydrogen car.
  • Right here in Indiana County, we have the only window manufacturer in the country that has been awarded the prestigious Energy Star Partner of the Year Award for an unprecedented seven straight years.
  • Every Penn State Football Team since the 1994 undefeated team wears Ener-Gel Insoles. The Denver Broncos won TWO Super Bowls while wearing Ener-Gel Insoles. Ener-Gel Insoles are made here, in Indiana County.
  • Clamps manufactured by an Indiana-based company can be found in more than a few familiar products: Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Boeing Aircraft, Whirlpool Dryers, Honda ATVs and personal watercraft and John Deere Construction Equipment.
  • A local company produces wire harnesses and cables for the heavily armored MRAP vehicles for the United States Army.

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