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BCS Offers MS Office Training – Spring 2019

BC3 Offers MS Office Training Classes January 15,2019 Enhance your skills with BC3's Business training courses, customized for the workplace! *         Register your employees online, or - just send me an email with participant names, email addresses &...

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How Do We Make Apprenticeship the New College?

How Do We Make Apprenticeship the New College? January 9, 2019 The following post from Grant Schmelzer, Executive Director of IEC Chesapeake does a great job of addressing apprenticeships as a viable alternative to college.  The following is a an excerpt...

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TCWIB 2018 Employer of the Year Awards

TCWIB 2018 Employer of the Year Awards January 1, 2019 At its December 7, 2018 Board meeting, the Tri-County Workforce Investment Board, Inc. presented an Employer of the Year Award in Armstrong, Butler, and Indiana Counties for employers who have...

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PENN UNITED’s New Faces of Modern Manufacturing

PENN UNITED The New Faces of Modern Manufacturing November 30, 2018 Penn United Announces December's The New Faces of Modern Manufacturing- Brittany Perdos of Ford city High School is a Apprentice-Quality Technician see attached for the full story! New...

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Indiana County Manufacturing Consortium Holiday Luncheon

Indiana Manufacturing Consortium Holiday Luncheon November 30, 2018 The next Indiana County Manufacturing Consortium Meeting and Holiday Luncheon will be on Wednesday, December 19 at Noon at the Indiana County Technology Center. Please RSVP to Mary Salony...

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MIU4 and Greater Pittsburgh Youth Marketplace

Greater Pittsburgh Youth Marketplace for Young Entrepreneurs November 14, 2018 From Christen Dunn of MIU4 Entrepreneurship Academy: The idea is simple: a youth marketplace for young entrepreneurs created by young entrepreneurs. Combine this event with...

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