Penn United November New Faces of Mfg is Mark Rice

November 8, 2019

Penn United is spreading the word to change the perception of modern manufacturing. Their hope is to reach 10,000 people each month to
encourage our youth and their families in joining the manufacturing workforce as a career.
November’s New Face of Modern Manufacturing:

  • Mark Rice
  • High School: Butler High School/ Butler Vo-Tech
  • Job Title: Apprentice-Machinist

About Mark:

  • What did you want to be when you were a kid: I always wanted to be a NFL star or WWE superstar.
  • What are your hobbies now: I enjoy golfing, cooking and playing with my daughter.
  • What are your career goals: My career goals are to support my family.  Also, I would like to become a journeyperson and climb as high as I can in the company.
  • What is the coolest thing about your job: I would say the coolest part of the job is the instant gratification of watching a part go from rough core to the shiny finished product the customer sees.

Mark Rice New Faces of Modern November 2019 PS


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