How Do We Make Apprenticeship the New College?

January 9, 2019

The following post from Grant Schmelzer, Executive Director of IEC Chesapeake does a great job of addressing apprenticeships as a viable alternative to college.  The following is a an excerpt from his post:

By recognizing it’s worth.

The Trades suffer from an image of not being professional, white collar, academic, inclusive, and/or a path to great financial growth.

How is this when we know the opposite is true- they are ALL of these things, and more?

Speaking directly for the electrical trade (but giving a nod to our brothers and sisters in plumbing, HVAC, and other apprenticed construction skills) I can dumb down the reasons to two simple facts:

·      One, the trades have done a poor job of telling and promoting their own educational story

·      Two, parents and schools have for decades been buying the myth that everyone wants to go to college, should go to college, and can go to college….

To read the full post: LinkedIn Post on Apprenticeship


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