New Faces of Modern Manufacturing June 2019: Nicholas Huff

June 04,2019

PennUnited’s “The New Faces of Modern Manufacturing” introduces Nicholas Huff for June 2019

  • Coolest thing about your job:
    Being able to create something from nothing. Everyday, I take Plain Blocks of metal and turn it into a product this is not only valuable, but highly and precisely functional.
  • Hobbies: I enjoy golfing, tuning my car, and also spending time with friends. Penn United Inc. allows me to make lots of money, while doing what I love, and having time and money to do it.
  • Career Goals: I first would like to receive my journeyman’s papers. Currently, I am attending Butler County Community College for business management, and someday would like to fulfill a manager/supervisor position.
  • What did you want to be when you were a kid: I always loved playing with Legos and Lincoln Logs as a child. I knew I wanted to be someone who can work with my hands. Although, I was unsure as a child, I now know that being a machinist is perfect for me.

Nicholas Huff June 2019 PDF


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