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Moraine State Park Regatta Offers Sponsorship Opportunities

Ask any employer what their top struggles are, and you’ll likely receive the same answer, “finding good help”. Employers are struggling to find employees who are a good fit for their company. Unemployment rates are extremely low, which makes the hiring process more competitive.

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BC3 Offers Workplace Diversity Training May 10

Embracing Workplace Diversity to Your People and Your BusinessApril 3, 2019 The Changing Workplace, Embracing Diversity to Grow Your People and Your Business.Organizations are comprised of employees from different generations and backgrounds with varying...

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BC3 Apprenticeship Summit Was a Success!

BC3 Apprenticeship Summit RecapApril 26, 2019 The Apprenticeship Summit was held at Butler County Community College on April 17.  Community members and businesses learned about the importance of apprenticeship to workforce development and how to take part...

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